Gemma Collins Records Her First Single and Aims Christmas No1 Spot

Gemma Collins records her first single and aims to get Christmas No1 with cover of 90s dancefloor hit Everybody’s Free To Feel Good

Discussing her singing dreams, she said: “In my twenties I loved to sing. I came out of my mother’s womb basically singing.

“Singing has always been a passion of mine. I would like to do an album. I would like a Christmas No. 1. I’m not going to lie.”She picked the track because it reminded her of partying in her twenties.

She said: “I remember that song coming on and being with my friends and we had our worst wigs on and worst spray tans, but we just partied the night away.”

The star headed to the studio as part of  Strongbow’s new campaign #RefreshYourStatus and took to the mic to refresh her love of singing which began early on when she attended Sylvia Young stage school.

She followed in the footsteps of singing greats including Kanye, Sam Smith and Dizzee Rascal who all previously graced the same recording studio.

Gemma previously spoke about her passion for singing in her 2013 autobiography called Basically.

She wrote: “I would sing all the time and developed a good voice.

“On a few occasions I would get told off at school for singing in class but I was generally a very good pupil and never got in any serious trouble.”

Gemma added: “I have always dreamed of being a star.

“I would say to others, don’t ever listen to anybody who tells you can’t do something.”

Her latest bid for stardom comes as she slammed Loose Women as “worst show on earth”, after she was  forced to defend her book The GC: How To Be A Diva after she used a ghost writer – as many celebs do, during her appearance on the show earlier this year.

She told The Sun Online: “For me, Loose Women is the worst show on earth.

“They invite guests on, they are horrible to them. I personally would never go on the show again.

“They invite you on the show and then they are rude to you. Why invite me on?”

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