Sixty seconds with Elem-C

BCTV : Can we meet you?

ELEM-C : My name is Elem-C , I grew up Lagos.
BCTV : What was your childhood ambition?
ELEM-C : Growing up was fun, I wanted to be so many things in life but at some you get discover yourself. I have so
many options but what really give me the maximum joy is music.
BCTV : Can you recall the first you recorded ?
ELEM-C : The first song I ever recorded was Robo Robo
featuring Emmey. Robo Robo to be released this Friday.
BCTV : How exactly did you come into the music industry?
ELEM-C : A colleague friend of Emmey who was featured in Robo Robo was the personthat to me to the studio, we had discussed two years before then and he told me that anytime am ready he would be willing to take to the studio and discuss with the producer, at some point he kept reminding me but you as a family man with kids I had to consider so many things especially the interest of my
family. Then I had to call me and we booked an appointment, he took me to the studio, 2days later Robo Robo was recorded.

BCTV : What were the challenges you faced at that early stage? 

ELEM-C : The challenges are kind of enormous, one is I have to ensure my family is satisfied. Truth is they have sacrificed so much for my career. Finance is another major challenge. Getting the kind of hype required to boost your song requires so much money. And in this part of world we do not have people who ready to invest in raw talent so it all depends on you to fight your way to limelight.
BCTV : Who was the first person to believe in you?

ELEM-C : My wife and Emmey are the first people that believed in me.
BCTV : What was the
inspiration behind Ekelechi?
ELEM-C : Ekelechi was inspired by God. At the time when I conceived it I was when I was facing some sort of difficulties coupled with all the problems we face in this country.
BCTV: What are your thoughts on 
Music production in Nigeria
ELEM-C : The production of music in Nigeria has become phenomenal, it is so unique and lovely that one no longer sees the need to download foreign songs.
BCTV : If you want to collaborate with any artiste in
Nigeria, who would that be?
ELEM-C : I will like to collaborate with anyone available that I can make good music with. We have so many good guys in this country so
anyone that is willing to work with or answers my call will be the one.
BCTV : Are you signed to a record label? 
ELEM-C : Still searching for a record label but at the moment we are pushing E-Music.

BCTV : Do you engage in any other business apart from Music? 
ELEM-C : Yes! As a family man that that has bills of course I have engage in any other that will bring in money.
BCTV : How do you unwind?

ELEM-C : I unwind with my family. Stay home or go out, play with my kids.

BCTV: Who are your musical influences?

ELEM-C : My musical influences, there are so many of them but I will name a few, Donnie Mclurken, Ron Kenoly, Don Meon, 2PAC, 50Cent/G-Unit gang, Eminem, Dre. Rugged man, 2Baba, Olamide, Davido, etc. As a matter of fact the list is endless
BCTV : Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
ELEM-C : In the first 5 years, I see myself at the top where family can be proud of me so I can reward them for the sacrifices.
BCTV: One word for your fans 
ELEM-C : For my fans I will never disappoint you.
BCTV: Advice for aspiring artistes
ELEM-C : For aspiring artists, the game is not easy but you have to be determined and keep your head high.
BCTV : Thanks for spending your time with us we hope to have you on some other time.
Elem- C :  My pleasure. 

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